Erin & Roman – Wedding Photography at Shoreditch Town Hall, Hackney

One of my favourite things about wedding photography, is that every now and then I get the chance to take photographs for good friends and this was one of those occasions with Erin and Roman. During the bridal preparations at the stylish Hoxton Hotel, it turned out I’d inadvertently managed to gatecrash their very first date, so it made it all the more special to be in amongst the ceremony and festivities taking photos of the day unfolding.

After the formalities were completed at Shoreditch Town Hall guests dived into taxis to brave the all too familiar “summer” rain, making the short trip down to the Tab Centre on Hackney Road for the wedding breakfast. The couple had enlisted family and friends to prepare the venue the day before which included an amazing array of table decorations. After some emotional speeches, with Roman managing to leave his father in tears (of laughter recalling a story of where he had slipped on a sausage on a zebra crossing!) the tables made way for a dance floor, and bar, and much drinking and rejoicing was had till the end of the evening.

Erin & Roman-1 Erin & Roman-4 Erin & Roman-9 Erin & Roman-11 Erin & Roman-13 Erin & Roman-18 Erin & Roman-21 Erin & Roman-27 Erin & Roman-28 Erin & Roman-30 Erin & Roman-34 Erin & Roman-37 Erin & Roman-39 Erin & Roman-51 Erin & Roman-52 Erin & Roman-55 Erin & Roman-56 Erin & Roman-63 Erin & Roman-64 Erin & Roman-67 Erin & Roman-70 Erin & Roman-73 Erin & Roman-74 Erin & Roman-76 Erin & Roman-80 Erin & Roman-84 Erin & Roman-85 Erin & Roman-87 Erin & Roman-88 Erin & Roman-89 Erin & Roman-90 Erin & Roman-96 Erin & Roman-99 Erin & Roman-101 Erin & Roman-102 Erin & Roman-103 Erin & Roman-105 Erin & Roman-106 Erin & Roman-107 Erin & Roman-108 Erin & Roman-110 Erin & Roman-112 Erin & Roman-113 Erin & Roman-123 Erin & Roman-126 Erin & Roman-127 Erin & Roman-140 Erin & Roman-146 Erin & Roman-153 Erin & Roman-159 Erin & Roman-167 Erin & Roman-168 Erin & Roman-169 Erin & Roman-170 Erin & Roman-174 Erin & Roman-178 Erin & Roman-180 Erin & Roman-184 Erin & Roman-191 Erin & Roman-193 Erin & Roman-199 Erin & Roman-204 Erin & Roman-210 Erin & Roman-211 Erin & Roman-214 Erin & Roman-216 Erin & Roman-222 Erin & Roman-238 Erin & Roman-242 Erin & Roman-247 Erin & Roman-249 Erin & Roman-251 Erin & Roman-254 Erin & Roman-257 Erin & Roman-258 Erin & Roman-262 Erin & Roman-263 Erin & Roman-267 Erin & Roman-273 Erin & Roman-276 Erin & Roman-278 Erin & Roman-286 Erin & Roman-290 Erin & Roman-300 Erin & Roman-303 Erin & Roman-307 Erin & Roman-309 Erin & Roman-317 Erin & Roman-318 Erin & Roman-320 Erin & Roman-321 Erin & Roman-325 Erin & Roman-329 Erin & Roman-330 Erin & Roman-338 Erin & Roman-355 Erin & Roman-373 Erin & Roman-379 Erin & Roman-385 Erin & Roman-387

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Alison & Asher – Wedding Photography at Christ’s Chapel, Dulwich

My first local wedding, making the short drive across South London to leafy Dulwich, for another summer scorcher! Against all the odds this time, defying torrential weather reports of heavy rain throughout the day. Thankfully, the rain held back long enough for Alison and Asher to enjoy their wedding service at Christ’s Chapel, and sunny stroll through Dulwich village, to where they first met, at Alleyn’s School for the wedding festivities. Alison and Asher truely took full advantage of going back to their old school to throw an almighty party on the playing field, which hosted Ugandan drummers, a hearty hog roast, wedding speeches galore and a literal school disco which had fellow classmates, family and friends dancing into the early hours of the morning!

Alison & Asher-14 Alison & Asher-23 Alison & Asher-30 Alison & Asher-34 Alison & Asher-40 Alison & Asher-41 Alison & Asher-44 Alison & Asher-46 Alison & Asher-47 Alison & Asher-50 Alison & Asher-54 Alison & Asher-58 Alison & Asher-60 Alison & Asher-70 Alison & Asher-73 Alison & Asher-76 Alison & Asher-77 Alison & Asher-84 Alison & Asher-96 Alison & Asher-102 Alison & Asher-105 Alison & Asher-109 Alison & Asher-112 Alison & Asher-113 Alison & Asher-116 Alison & Asher-120 Alison & Asher-124 Alison & Asher-125 Alison & Asher-133 Alison & Asher-139 Alison & Asher-144 Alison & Asher-159 Alison & Asher-160 Alison & Asher-163 Alison & Asher-167 Alison & Asher-169 Alison & Asher-172 Alison & Asher-184 Alison & Asher-190 Alison & Asher-198 Alison & Asher-209 Alison & Asher-244 Alison & Asher-265 Alison & Asher-269 Alison & Asher-279 Alison & Asher-281 Alison & Asher-290 Alison & Asher-311 Alison & Asher-314 Alison & Asher-319 Alison & Asher-324 Alison & Asher-325 Alison & Asher-326 Alison & Asher-330 Alison & Asher-336 Alison & Asher-340 Alison & Asher-352 Alison & Asher-360 Alison & Asher-368 Alison & Asher-374 Alison & Asher-375 Alison & Asher-380 Alison & Asher-384 Alison & Asher-390 Alison & Asher-392 Alison & Asher-395 Alison & Asher-398 Alison & Asher-404 Alison & Asher-406 Alison & Asher-407 Alison & Asher-408 Alison & Asher-413 Alison & Asher-417 Alison & Asher-421 Alison & Asher-430 Alison & Asher-431 Alison & Asher-433 Alison & Asher-434 Alison & Asher-439 Alison & Asher-446 Alison & Asher-450 Alison & Asher-453 Alison & Asher-457 Alison & Asher-458 Alison & Asher-462 Alison & Asher-466 Alison & Asher-467 Alison & Asher-469 Alison & Asher-474 Alison & Asher-476 Alison & Asher-483 Alison & Asher-486 Alison & Asher-491 Alison & Asher-492 Alison & Asher-493 Alison & Asher-494 Alison & Asher-495 Alison & Asher-496 Alison & Asher-501

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Louise & Paul – Wedding Photography at East Close Country House Hotel, Christchurch

It was very much a case of deja vu at my first summer wedding this year, having taken photos at Paul’s sister’s wedding back in January. Louise and Paul couldn’t have timed the date and location any better with it being the hottest day of the year so far, down in sunny… wait, scratch that, blazing Dorset.

The day began with the bridal party preparing in one of the gorgeously decorated suites at The Mill, in Lymington. After the intricacies of Louise’s dress, with lace tie-ups, buttons and bow successfully navigated by bridesmaids and mum, vintage cars escorted the group in style down to the East Close Hotel for the ceremony and reception.

The wedding breakfast was a highly creative affair, with Louise and Paul naming tables after their favourite board games, going into amazing detail to craft place names to match playing cards from those very games. Another inspired choice was the magician who appeared in the early evening to impress guests with an array of card tricks, mind reading skills and the occasional sleight of hand with wrist watches being returned to bamboozled guests.

After Louise and Paul’s energetic first dance, backed by a live band, the rest of the guests teamed onto the dance-floor shortly afterwards pulling off some tremendous shapes and moves late into the night.

Louise&Paul-1 Louise&Paul-3 Louise&Paul-9 Louise&Paul-14 Louise&Paul-15 Louise&Paul-17 Louise&Paul-34 Louise&Paul-35 Louise&Paul-43 Louise&Paul-46 Louise&Paul-49 Louise&Paul-58 Louise&Paul-60 Louise&Paul-65 Louise&Paul-67 Louise&Paul-74 Louise&Paul-77 Louise&Paul-80 Louise&Paul-82 Louise&Paul-84 Louise&Paul-87 Louise&Paul-88 Louise&Paul-90 Louise&Paul-91 Louise&Paul-94 Louise&Paul-96 Louise&Paul-101 Louise&Paul-104 Louise&Paul-106 Louise&Paul-107 Louise&Paul-108 Louise&Paul-114 Louise&Paul-117 Louise&Paul-119 Louise&Paul-124 Louise&Paul-127 Louise&Paul-130 Louise&Paul-132 Louise&Paul-135 Louise&Paul-137 Louise&Paul-142 Louise&Paul-144 Louise&Paul-150 Louise&Paul-152 Louise&Paul-154 Louise&Paul-160 Louise&Paul-161 Louise&Paul-166 Louise&Paul-169 Louise&Paul-172 Louise&Paul-180 Louise&Paul-186 Louise&Paul-191 Louise&Paul-194 Louise&Paul-196 Louise&Paul-198 Louise&Paul-205 Louise&Paul-207 Louise&Paul-216 Louise&Paul-224 Louise&Paul-245 Louise&Paul-252 Louise&Paul-255 Louise&Paul-256 Louise&Paul-257 Louise&Paul-258 Louise&Paul-260 Louise&Paul-261 Louise&Paul-265 Louise&Paul-266 Louise&Paul-269 Louise&Paul-272 Louise&Paul-275 Louise&Paul-287 Louise&Paul-289 Louise&Paul-290 Louise&Paul-295 Louise&Paul-296 Louise&Paul-298 Louise&Paul-308 Louise&Paul-309 Louise&Paul-313 Louise&Paul-314 Louise&Paul-320 Louise&Paul-354 Louise&Paul-373 Louise&Paul-377 Louise&Paul-379 Louise&Paul-384 Louise&Paul-386 Louise&Paul-397 Louise&Paul-398 Louise&Paul-406 Louise&Paul-407 Louise&Paul-409 Louise&Paul-413 Louise&Paul-420 Louise&Paul-424 Louise&Paul-431 Louise&Paul-439

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Helen & Pascoe – Wedding Photography at York & Albany, The Prince Albert, London

My first wedding of 2013, was a local one for a change, venue hopping in around North London. Helen and Pascoe planned a small, intimate ceremony at the York & Albany opposite Regent’s park which was followed up with an evening bash down the road at The Prince Albert.

Late in the evening, after probably one of the most inventive best man’s speeches I’ve seen, which included a series of football managers seemingly congratulating Pascoe on his inspired choice of bride, the groom took to the stage with his band to see out the festivities.

pascoe&helen_1 pascoe&helen_2 pascoe&helen_11 pascoe&helen_12 pascoe&helen_15 pascoe&helen_17 pascoe&helen_22 pascoe&helen_34 pascoe&helen_44 pascoe&helen_50 pascoe&helen_57 pascoe&helen_61 pascoe&helen_67 pascoe&helen_69 pascoe&helen_70 pascoe&helen_73 pascoe&helen_76 pascoe&helen_77 pascoe&helen_79 pascoe&helen_84 pascoe&helen_90 pascoe&helen_91 pascoe&helen_97 pascoe&helen_99 pascoe&helen_101 pascoe&helen_113 pascoe&helen_118 pascoe&helen_116 pascoe&helen_121 pascoe&helen_123 pascoe&helen_125 pascoe&helen_126 pascoe&helen_127 pascoe&helen_129 pascoe&helen_133 pascoe&helen_134 pascoe&helen_140 pascoe&helen_141 pascoe&helen_146 pascoe&helen_149 pascoe&helen_151 pascoe&helen_152 pascoe&helen_154 pascoe&helen_155 pascoe&helen_156 pascoe&helen_158 pascoe&helen_164 pascoe&helen_170 pascoe&helen_174 pascoe&helen_177 pascoe&helen_185 pascoe&helen_186 pascoe&helen_224 pascoe&helen_244 pascoe&helen_246 pascoe&helen_247 pascoe&helen_251 pascoe&helen_253 pascoe&helen_259 pascoe&helen_262 pascoe&helen_264 pascoe&helen_265 pascoe&helen_272 pascoe&helen_273 pascoe&helen_277 pascoe&helen_281 pascoe&helen_282 pascoe&helen_283 pascoe&helen_286 pascoe&helen_289 pascoe&helen_292 pascoe&helen_296 pascoe&helen_297 pascoe&helen_298 pascoe&helen_305 pascoe&helen_321 pascoe&helen_330 pascoe&helen_331 pascoe&helen_342 pascoe&helen_349 pascoe&helen_354 pascoe&helen_357 pascoe&helen_359 pascoe&helen_360 pascoe&helen_366 pascoe&helen_376 pascoe&helen_383 pascoe&helen_386 pascoe&helen_387 pascoe&helen_388 pascoe&helen_390 pascoe&helen_395 pascoe&helen_404 pascoe&helen_408 pascoe&helen_413 pascoe&helen_417 pascoe&helen_420 pascoe&helen_424 pascoe&helen_399 pascoe&helen_375

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Becca & Charlie – Wedding Photography at Allerton Castle, Knaresborough

One of the things I love about doing wedding photography, is the sheer unpredictability of the working day. One day you’re covering a wedding that feels like a mini-Glastonbury, and the next you’re in a Grade 1 listed stately home, up in North Yorkshire!

The listed building in question was Allerton Castle, just outside Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, and was home to Becca and Charlie’s wedding. In something of an other first the start of the day was spent with the top-hatted groom and his best man and woman getting to grips with the full size billiard table in the Billiard Room.

Unfortunately there was no shifting the rain here, so although the wedding party didn’t get to explore the gardens, the opulence of Allerton House made an amazing backdrop for the festivities – which included Charleston lessons from the swing band and a dance-off featuring a perfect rendition of the “david brent dance”!

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Lauren & Richard – Wedding Photography at Colley Corner, Reigate

My new found knack (or incredible luck!) at managing to keep the rain at bay came in very handy at Lauren and Richard’s outdoors wedding. Luckily, the now inevitable summer rain chose to come splashing down after the humanist ceremony had finished, with everyone safely seated inside a massive marquee tucking into the wedding breakfast.

Now that I’m able to drive (passed my test first time!) and this was a fairly local wedding, I was able to cover the groom’s side of the morning too. This involved a heap of bacon sandwiches being demolished, wedding speeches being fine tuned and watching England scrape a narrow victory in the Rugby World Cup.

There were lots of personal touches to this wedding, with family and friends having spent weeks converting a wild field near Colley Corner to host what felt very much like a wedding festival!

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Jenny & Stephen – Wedding Photography at Hollybank House, Emsworth

Jenny and Stephen’s amazingly detailed, and finely planned wedding reception almost came unstuck on the one thing that couldn’t be planned for… the weather! After a grim start, and about 4-5 hours of constant rain, the sun made a supremely timed appearance just after the church service at Thomas a Becket parish in Warblington. Thankfully, there was much more flexibility about where I could take photographs from during this particular service, and I was able to cover most angles… which involved having to run around the outside of the church to do so. Good job I was wearing trainers for this wedding!

A sunny reception was held at Hollybank House, Emsworth, where Jenny and Stephen had their finely decorated marquee set up on the lawn. After the round of speeches, and a special baked wedding pie were polished off, best man Rob da Bank kept the guests grooving until the wee small hours. Which was about the time I disappeared with a slice of carrotcake wedding cake!

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Hannah & James – Wedding Photography at St Andrews Church, Farnham

Another first when photographing Hannah and James’ wedding in Farnham… my first back garden marquee reception!

The day started off accompanying Hannah and her bridesmaids to a local salon where their hair was done, then back to Hannah’s parents house for some final preparations to the marquee, the bridesmaids, bride and family!

The wedding ceremony took place at St Andrews Church, in Farnham, and although I was only allowed to take photographs from a balcony at the opposite end of the church I was able to manage thanks to a rather long (and heavy!) zoom lens. After a gloomy morning the sun well and truly came out for the impressive garden reception at Hannah’s parents house.

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Becky & Jason – Wedding Photography at Shirehall, Hereford

This was my first ever visit to Hereford, for Becky and Jason’s wedding ceremony held at Hereford City Council Town Hall. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures during the civil service ceremony, but I managed to get a few shots just before it started and at the very end. Afterwards the drinks reception and wedding breakfast was held at the Shirehall, which was just a short horse and carriage ride away for the bride and groom.

As well as the wedding festivities, it was also Becky’s Dad’s birthday, who not only received a caterpillar birthday cake but some Tina Turner memorabilia. As a Man Utd fan it probably compensated for having to receive a QPR shirt earlier in the speeches from Jason.

This has been the only wedding I’ve photographed (so far!) where the bride has worn personalised trainers. Another first!

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Listed in Wonderland Avenue

Wonderland Avenue is a new wedding website which aims to list only the best wedding photographers in the UK. The result being a handy directory for prospective brides and grooms looking for a photographer, safe in the knowledge that all those listed have been vetted by another professional. So, all that said, I’m very pleased to report that you can find me listed in their directory! You can see my page here.

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